FoneSense Delivers:

The Right User

Target users by age, gender, habits & social attributes.

At The Right Moment

Target users at the optimal time of the day for them.

In The Right Location

Target users using cutting edge geo-location technologies.

With The Right Media

Engage with users using the optimal media at the right time

Engage your users

FoneSense enables you to engage your users in a captivating manner using highly targeted content & offers of engagement at the right moments with the right media using real life living context.

  • Monetise your app in the smartest way possible
  • Target specific audience segments
  • Gain invaluable insights about your users
  • Increase in-app purchases
  • Maximise your ad revenue with high user engagement
  • Deliver call to actions such as deep linking, app installs & social interactions

Engage your users using real life living context, not just location context!


Audience Targeting

Select your target audience based on their demographics and context. Users can be targeted by their age, gender, location, mobile network, device context and capabilities, interests and any additional available context including sensors.

Context Analysis

The FoneSense technology enables you to determine the right moment to reach your users and recognise the optimal media format to engage with them based on all available information.

Consumer Insights

FoneSense enables you to know your users like never before. We provide you with brand new consumer behaviour insights in the form of detailed statistical reports.

Fraud Prevention

FoneSense’s multi award winning technology is designed to prevent misuse and to protect your budget. You only pay for valid and meaningful engagement.

Self Service Campaign Manager

FoneSense provides the tools to help you, your advertising partner or anyone else, set-up marketing, retention or advertising campaigns targeting your users and provides you with the ability to control and manage your campaigns in real-time.

High User Engagement

FoneSense provides you with the multi-sensory technology that can provide your app with high user engagement.